Prelicensing course offered

Prelicensing course offered

The Real Estate Institute offers “Real Estate Transactions #101,” a 45-credit hour prelicensing course required before being able to take the Illinois Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Examination.

This course is available in a self-study format that includes registration, textbook, audiocassettes and a computer tutorial. Self-study tuition is $235. Most students complete the course in four to six weeks.

For those individuals interested in becoming an Illinois real estate broker, the Real Estate Institute offers a 75-credit hour broker prelicense self-study course (for individuals currently holding an Illinois real estate salesperson license). Tuition for the course is $550.

Individuals not holding an Illinois sales license who wish to become a licensed Illinois real estate broker must complete a 120-credit hour combined sales/broker prelicensing self-study course. Tuition for the combined 120-hour course is $650.

For more information or to register, visit http://www.instituteonline.comor call (800) 995-1700.

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