5 Common Emergency Plumbing Problems


Plumbing emergencies are common in Chicago, and until one strikes, you don’t really know if there is a leak in your fixtures. This is why initiatives like the Fix a Leak Week are being used to prevent plumbing emergencies.

5 Common Emergency Plumbing Problems

Imagine coming home to a backflow problem and the subsequent flooding it will cause in your home. This is why there are some great services offered by 24 hour plumbers in Chicago, such as Mikes Chicago Plumbing Services. Here is a list of 5 common plumbing emergencies they can help with.

1. Clogged Bathtubs, Sinks, and Toilets

If you think a clogged sink isn’t exactly an emergency, you are wrong. You could be doing your dishes or simply brushing your teeth, with the sink filling up with water. But soon enough, the clog may worsen and even cause the water to overflow. The same goes for bathtubs and toilets, which, when clogged, can cause quite a plumbing emergency.

Common reasons for bathroom clogging include hair buildup and soap scum. Avoid any do-it-yourself unclogging or using drain cleaners and contact an emergency plumber right away.

2. Leaky Toilets and Faucets

Usually, leaks can be detected from the constant dripping sound. They are easier to fix as well, and fixing easily corrected leaks can help save about 10% on your water bills. Leaky faucets and toilets can also lead to rusting and mold formation.
In case there is a leak-related emergency, duct tape can be used to manage the situation until an emergency plumber arrives. If your toilet leaks after flushing, you can try tightening the T-bolts or replacing the wax ring.

3. Damaged Water Lines and Burst Pipes

During the holiday season, instances of burst pipes caused by freezing go up by a whopping 530%. Needless to say, this emergency can be handled only by experts, and with professional 24-hour plumbers from Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services, you can find quick solutions before the problem escalates. Assess the status of your piping every once in a while and invest in temperature regulation.

Water lines can be damaged by earthquakes, tree roots, and shovel hits. Some indications of a broken water line are low water pressure, poor quality of water, and soggy areas in your yard.

4. Water Heating Issues

A broken water heater can be a real emergency. Imagine entering the shower and soaping up nicely, only to get ice-cold water from the shower. This could be simply a malfunctioning problem, or an electrical issue. However, it could as easily be a plumbing-related problem.
You could also experience pooling of water around the water heater, or water being sprayed all around from the pipes. In any case, do not rule out a plumbing problem and contact your emergency plumber as soon as possible.

5.Sewer Backups

A sewer backup can be a nightmare, and can get very difficult to handle. Signs that you could soon experience a sewer system backup are unpleasant sewage odor, clogging in multiple drains, and gurgling toilets. Sewer backups can cause damage to walls, floors, electrical systems, and furniture, and the costs can run into thousands.
Arrange an immediate property cleanup, including removal of spillage, disinfecting fixtures, cleanup of ductwork, among others. Look up emergency plumbers in Chicago in advance, to repair the problem as soon as possible.

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