A few ways to deal with leaping taxes


Your real estate tax assessment shows another jump. Used to be, we suffered from creeping taxes — now it’s leaping taxes. Two of our dearest neighbor s are packing it in. They’re going to move to reduce taxes. Our county councilman has said the No. 1 complaint he’s heard since being elected is taxes are too high. I’ve appealed my taxes to the review board, with no luck.

My assessed valuation increased 7 percent this year; 20 percent in three years. My home’s market value hasn’t jumped like that. My income certainly didn’t.

Many friends have expressed frustration, feeling there’s no end to this; there’s nothing they can do. Turns out there are three things you can and should do.

• Vote against any more school district referenda.

• Vote against any more park district referenda; we just gave them $45 million of new money.

• Throw your support behind the Illinois Property Tax Freeze Bill #SJR13; contact Sen. Chris Lauzen , a sponsor; write your newspaper about your support; call other state senators.

It’s not about medical insurance, it’s not about fuel costs, it’s not even about Social Security. To paraphrase an old campaign motto: “It’s the taxes, stupid!”

Bill Kelly

St. Charles, Daily Herald


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