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SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Almost 14 percent of the U.S. population moves annually, with movers listing lifestyle changes — including graduation, a new job or promotion, a larger home, the birth of a child, marriage, divorce or retirement — as their primary reason for relocating.(1) This and other information is contained in the New Movers Database(SM), which is now available weekly from Experian, a global information services company. The New Movers Database helps marketers quickly identify and reach this responsive and diverse group of consumers.

Of the 14 percent of people who move annually, 82 percent remain in the same state while 14.2 percent move to a different state.(1) Additional findings include the following:
— Nearly 33 percent of renters and nine percent of homeowners move
— Ninety-one percent of new movers found that the Internet reduced the
stress of moving.(2)
— After visiting a moving-related site, 14 percent of people go on to
search for information about mortgages, education, credit cards and
auto loans.(3)
— An average mover has a 56-item “to do” list.(4)

Another characteristic new movers share is that they will spend, on average, more than $9,400 on goods and services related to their move, regardless of their reason for moving.(2)

“Our experience and research tell us that new movers spend more on goods and services immediately following their relocation than non-movers spend on similar goods and services in five years’ time,” said Rick Erwin, general manager of Marketing Information Services for Experian. “They’re in the market for home furnishing and home improvement products as well as information about local restaurants, services and newspapers. Reaching this audience with information and offers first and fast is critical.”

Introduced in 1979, the New Movers Database captures 1.4 million moves per month — 85 percent of all new moves in the United States. Making information about a new mover available weekly allows marketers to reach this group more quickly following their move, generating higher response rates for products and services.

Experian’s proprietary Weekly New Movers Database is compiled from multiple sources, providing accurate and in-depth coverage. Updated sources are cross-referenced and analyzed to ensure that people appearing in the database actually have moved; the database also provides the mover’s new address.

Further segmentation options include a homeowner flag that allows for selection of confirmed homeowners and identifies how far a person has moved. The file also distinguishes between a move to a single-family dwelling or a multi-family unit to help marketers match offers to customers.

“Weekly New Movers provides our clients with a powerful, comprehensive file they can use immediately to target consumers when they’re most receptive,” said Erwin. “Providing detailed information helps our clients communicate more effectively to consumers most likely to respond to their offers.”

For more information on the New Movers database and Experian’s other database products and services, please visit http://www.experianmarketingservices.com.
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