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The Chicago Housing Authority provides homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals, while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods throughout the city. CHA has utilized the flexibility of the Moving To Work agreement to test innovative, locally-designed strategies that use federal dollars to more efficiently help residents become self-sufficient and to increase housing choices for low-income families. As a result, CHA families are more successful than ever before. In 2000, 15% of work-eligible heads-of-household were employed. Now more than 58% are employed. Also, the annual income of employed heads-of-household has doubled to more than $19,000 a year.

CHA Explores New Possibilities for Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Chicago Housing Authority has proposed a pilot program for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program that would provide voucher holders with intensive services and job training to determine if a time limit on voucher use is feasible, potentially making more vouchers available sooner to those waiting for affordable housing.


On Sunday, December 4, the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) will host hundreds of students (ages 5-13) who reside in CHA family housing developments at their 17th annual holiday party at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI)

Teens Give Voice to Voiceless through Documentary Film

Filmmaking is a means of personal expression that this summer allowed 16 young women who are Chicago Housing Authority residents to document the unseen realities that surround them. Ranging from the gravity of teen pregnancy to the devastation of neighborhood violence, these women learned to use film as a tool in a collaborative documentary filmmaking program offered by CHA and DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts

For the First Time, CHA Resident Has a “Home for the Holidays”

Susan Tovar sometimes just stops and looks out into her new backyard. And reflects on her hard work. And on the journey it took to get where she is. “My little one gets home from school, and goes right out to the backyard and plays,” said Tovar, a single mother with three children. “I watch him through the window. That means so much to me.”

City of Chicago Awarded Federal Funding to Support 150 Housing Units for Homeless Veterans

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) CEO Eugene Jones Jr. today announced that CHA has been awarded $1.3 million in project-based voucher subsidies with supportive services to support the long-term affordability of housing for homeless veterans, the second-largest award among housing agencies in the country.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) CEO Eugene Jones, Jr. and Chicago Public Library (CPL) Commissioner Brian Bannon today to announce an interagency partnership that will provide three new mixed-income housing developments with co-located libraries - strengthening communities with affordable housing and community anchors that support life-long learning. In a break from the standard, cookie-cutter designs that are common to government buildings, Mayor Emanuel envisions striking and bold architectural designs for these buildings. As part of the projects, he will call on architectural firms to bid on the work and use their creativity to leave a lasting legacy of public art in neighborhoods across Chicago

Chicago Housing Authority to distribute 10,000 coats to children at 9th annual Operation Warm...

CHA is partnering with the national non-profit Operation Warm for the ninth consecutive year to give away 10,000 new winter coats to children living in Public Housing and participants of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

CHA Board approves predevelopment loans for redevelopment at Ickes Homes

The Chicago Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved the predevelopment loan agreements with the master developers that allows the redevelopment of the Ickes Homes to move forward

CHA announces first-ever web postings of Inspector General quarterly reports, new info for Housing...

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) announced that its Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) quarterly reports will be available online effective today, along with the addition of the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) CLEARMAP database for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) residents aimed at helping them make informed decisions about where they choose to live.


Investigation by CHA and HUD Inspectors General ends with guilty plea...

The Chicago Housing Authority will receive restitution for money stolen by a former contractor and her husband after the pair pleaded guilty to stealing funds intended for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, a crime that was exposed following an investigation by the CHA’s Office of the Inspector General.


Make Your Garage Door Quieter

How to Make Your Garage Door Quieter

Did you know that the structural noise from a garage can be anywhere from 5 decibels to 20 decibels above the background noise levels? And if you are wondering how much change would a 20-decibel increase make, then consider this – with a rise of 20 decibels, the sound energy increases by a factor of 100!